Visiting with DDA is one of the highlights of Radar’s day. They are completely reliable, on-time, and know their stuff. They have walked Radar for more than a year, and he just loves hanging out with them. They’ve even gone above and beyond and walked and fed Radar in the evening’s when Mariah and I were running late. We recommend them to everyone!

Scott F., Radar’s dad

I am so thankful to have DDA’s help with caring for my dog, Sherman. They are always available, even at short notice, to help me and Sherman. Sherman is my best friend, my baby and I am so grateful to have found such a trustworthy and devoted service for him. Thank you Dan for all your help! Sherman truly loves and appreciates you!

Lauren M.B., Daphne’s mom

Dog Day Afternoon is always reliable, caring, and very passionate about their work. They always give updates about their walks together, and will accommodate our schedule changes last minute if need be. They provide a great service that to us is beyond valuable. We always know Daphne is in good hands with you guys and we feel very grateful to have you!

Lauren M.B., Daphne’s mom

Dan is so wonderful! Duke loves you guys and is so lucky to have such good “friends” to hang out with:) Thanks guys!!!!!

Nicole M., Duke’s mom

I’ve been in the military 26 years and owned cats for 23 of those years–so I’ve used a lot of sitters around the world and DDA is the absolute best. All of my cats have loved the guys, even my very antisocial 23 year old female who just passed away recently. Tammuz and Methos adore Dan…in fact, I think Methos prefers them to me (Tammuz will always be a mama’s boy). I never worry when I have to go…I know my boys will be happy and healthy and safe.

Colleen A., Methos and Tammuz’s mom

They are the greatest!!! For the past 7 years they have taken care of Sasha as if she was their own!!!

Lauri R., Sasha’s mom

Stanley loves his friends at Dog Day Afternoon… they treat him wonderful! We couldn’t ask for better people to watch our dog when we aren’t able. Thanks to Dan for being so great!

Melissa M., Stanley’s mom